Private Money Loan for Single-Family Fix-and-Flip in Arcadia, California

The borrower acquired the subject property in late 2017 for $1,250,000. 

This borrower is very active in the Los Angeles real estate market and performs over 50 home fix-and-flips per year. 

With over 25 years of experience in the home renovation business, this company has a vast network of brokers and banks to help them acquire properties at wholesale prices. 

Approximately $350,000 was invested in the remodel/upgrade of the home. 

The owner was leasing the property however the tenant has not worked out. 

Consequently the owner/borrower has decided to list the property for sale – listing price approximately $1,500,000. 

The borrower’s existing bridge loan was coming due and Crescent Lenders was able to refinance the borrower expiring loan to hold them over until the sale of the home is completed.

12 Months
Single-Family Home
Exit Strategy
Sell the property

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